Dear friends, my thoughts on electronic music-making are on the home page, the previous 2016-2018 page, and the early experiments 2012-2015 page. Currently I'm a bit limited as I'm making music only with the Akai APC25 MIDI controller, which is basic but quite fun. Sometimes it's good to have limitations creatively or with the tools that we have at our disposal, as it forces you to work within boundaries - but I'm looking forward to expand in scope and restart the main AV project that I was forced to interrupt.


For the visual side I'm having lots of fun with After Effects, at the moment working with simple shapes and solids, applying effects, tweaking them, and then layering adjustment layers with more effects, while playing with blend modes.

2019. More music coming this year. =^) These below are little projects = they didn't take much time; I've sketched out a few more tracks, hopefully I'll have the time to complete them and make the videos. In the back of my mind always the AV project with 6 tracks...


For the current 2 new music/motion-design experiments below I'm working with simple, abstract, geometric visual design that works well with the soundscapes I'm creating for them: in fact the current tracks are more sound design than songs in a more traditional sense. Still, having lots of fun exploring audiovisual landscapes and possibilities. More to come :)

Not That Far After All #1. New short composition, part 1 of 2, experimenting with the Akai APC25 for the sound design, visuals made with After Effects with simple solids and fractal noise (with lots of tweaking), adjustment layers and more Solids on top with blend modes. Fun to make :)

Not That Far After All #2. Variation N. 2, using the Akai APC25 with a different approach: trying to replicate a musical idea I had in my head, rather than playing with the instrument and see what comes out until I'm satisfied with the sounds and atmosphere (like I did with Not That Far #1) = it's a more complicated and cerebral version than #1 above, reflected also in the visuals made again with After Effects with simple solids and fractal noise (this time with the Sub Settings of the FX tweaked), and again adjustment layers with blend modes but no Glow FX. Still fun to make: I love experimenting with sounds + motion graphics =^)

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If music is the celebration of life... is electronic music the celebration of digital life?  ;-)

If music is the celebration of life... electronic music the celebration of digital life?  ;-)