As a non-trained musician, electronic music + the punk rock approach (don’t know how to play an instrument? It doesn’t matter, make music anyway, learn while doing!) are perfect. In the past I called it punktronica or the punktronic approach.


For me the opening was when I started using music-making apps on the phone like iKaossilator by Korg, and to a lesser extent iMaschine, in 2012.


Of course they’re very limited, but it was great to focus directly on the sounds and beats through a very easy-to-use interface. Jump straight in and make sounds, then grow from there.

2015. Midnite Mama/Punktronica. 4K animated music video preview. This track is one of my very first, house-inspired electronic experiments, while the main inspiration for the images are turntables and loudspeakers. I'm a bit obsessed with the shape of record players and speakers, there are lots of great designs.

2013. In That Room, music video. One of the first three tracks I made with iKaossilator, great little music app. The way I see it, music apps free us from the intricacies of knowing how to play music instruments, and we can focus purely on creating. Yes there are limitations, but it's a first step and we can learn more and get better. And making music is such a beautiful experience.

2012. First music tracks/music experiments. I hugely enjoyed creating these beats and sounds, then obviously our taste, ideas and creative abilities change and grow over time, so I'm looking forward to developing my music making, but it's nice to look back with affection to our first tentative steps, like a child that grows without losing the curiosity and desire to create and experiment with shapes, colours, and sounds.

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If music is the celebration of life... is electronic music the celebration of digital life?  ;-)

If music is the celebration of life... electronic music the celebration of digital life?  ;-)