Spoonfyysh is the creative identity of Francesco de Manincor for music-making, "il nome d'arte" for audiovisual projects.  A graphic and motion artist by day (character design, animation, illustration and more), an explorer of beats and sounds by night, you can find around this website various music and video experiments.


For design and motion artwork head over to demanincor.tv and the character design, illustration and storyboarding portfolio. You can get in touch on the main website here.

When I make music it’s such a liberating, pure experience of creation that it’s difficult to describe. I’m a visual artist, I love character design and animation, I create shapes,  motion designs and work with colours, but there is something about making music and playing with sounds and beats that goes beyond visual beauty.


Sight is our dominant sense, in almost everything that we do every day, while experiencing sound is an aural signal that goes straight to our brain and bypasses our visual judgement. We are therefore naked inside, and if we are sensitive and open enough to accept new sounds, we can have new experiences, by focusing via our ears.

Spoonfyysh music, audiovisual projects, music videos.

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If music is the celebration of life... is electronic music the celebration of digital life?  ;-)

If music is the celebration of life...

...is electronic music the celebration of digital life?  ;-)